How to set up a home catering business

If cooking is what drives you, then think about setting up your own catering business. Catering is often confused with providing a five course meal for over a hundred people. This is a wrong notion and immediately prevents you from thinking further. Catering can serve the food needs for just a few people.

Once you know what you are good at making, stick with the same and start by catering for those around you. If you serve good food, success cannot be far behind. You can set up a home catering company, or start a small dinner that seats 6 to 8, or provide dessert only for a group of twenty. It does not have to be huge from day one. Once you have established your name and business, take a call to stay small or to expand.

Establishing a business is not just limited to the quality of service. Certain legalities have to be considered. So do yourself a favour and seek help from the experts. Find a right legal firm that can help you with all the legal work involved in setting a catering business. Steinpag Financial Services Lawyers offer clients specialised and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, energy and resources and commercial matters.

A legal firm helps you to be aware of the main General Food Law Requirements and to obtain the required licenses. Things like following food safety management procedures, good food hygiene, fire safety arrangements should all be in place before the launch.

Besides standard procedures for a food business, if you are starting a diner or a coffee bar, you should have the right linen, china, glassware etc. How you serve the food, how it looks, the decor of the room as well as the table at which the dish is placed all contribute to the growth of customers to your catering business.

In addition to keep yourself at par with competition, you should be imaginative enough to play around with various combinations. Your offering should be imaginative as well as appropriate for the occasion you cater to. Keep the Menu varied. Some items are evergreen – these are the ones you specialise in and are what your catering business is about. Other items should move upon down depending on the change required.