Using Social media to boost your startup

Your small business is established. You enjoy servicing the people around your area. However, you feel that there are more people who can benefit from what you provide. How do you really reach these people. You are already advertising, billboards stating your name are placed at strategic locations yet there is a good chunk of the population that is missing from your customer base.

Think about social media as a tool to reach to those who may be within and out of reach. Social media platforms like Weconnect Influencer Marketing (create an online marketplace for brands and advertisers to connect with social media influencers, celebrities and bloggers. The large number of influencers registered on the platform help global brands to create and distribute content to reach out to the right people.

Social media can be used to reach the right people interested in what you offer. It is different from reaching everyone. When you promote your brand to everyone you are serving your offering to a diluted audience where there is little or no chance of a conversion. On the other hand displaying your offering to a specific group makes the offering valuable to the group as it satisfies a need in the group. When you can, use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to help people reach the social media accounts of your business.

Anyone can post a status update on Facebook for their business but does it really get the business any tangible value. When you use platforms like snapchat and Pinterest to connect with your customer’s daily lives you reach the pulse. You become involved and become a part of the conversation. Finding the perfect people to engage with works wonders for a business. Make sure you treat each social media account differently and do not mass post in every account. If someone has countered a problem with your offering, go all out to give the right solution and don’t attempt to hide it. By openly choosing to help you give the message of trust to your customers.

In the words of Fabrice Gould, founder and CEO of Diggen, “Developing a social media strategy is the new way of selling by educating your leads, developing trust with prospects, and engaging your customers,”.