Healthy eating options for lunch on the go

Healthy eating and a working lunch are no longer incompatible terms. most of us end up eating a light breakfast or mostly skipping breakfast. So come midday, hunger pangs set in and we are ready to eat anything. Grabbing a piece of fruit while heading out is really easy but the fruit actually works as an appetiser and within an hour you have worked up an appetite.

For the in-between snack a fruit snack may seem less so try and opt for a fresh glass of vegetable juice. A glass of vegetable juice fills you well for a couple of hours till you are ready to have the main meal of the day. On top of that fresh juice provides you with the daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Infant studies have shown that a glass of freshly pressed green juice takes care of all your daily mineral requirements. Interesting combinations of vegetable juices that look and taste different are easily available with most caterers.

There are a number of Home corporate catering businesses that deliver a fresh meal especially a light snack right at your desk. Aim at keeping the appetite for a good meal so that you eat right on most days.

Other yummy and healthy snack options that you can opt for would be a sandwich. Order in a multigrain vegetable sandwich and leave the processed meat out. Carrying a small box of cut veggies also works out as a wonderful snack and keeps hunger at bay till lunch. Just keep the add ons of cheese out and stick to simple seasoning.

Popcorn is fantastic as it takes care of both the salt and sweet craving. Do not get tempted of eat the buttery, salty microwaved bags at the office. Air pop your own at home and bring it to the office for a snack. You can always top it with a dash of butter and sprinkle a little salt to get the taste right.

Another great and filling snack is fiber-rich whole grain cereal. This works really well if you tend to skip breakfast. Adding nuts to this makes the a power packed snack. Almonds, raisins, figs not only provide you with a much needed boost of energy, they also strengthen the immune system and protect you from recurring infections.